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Victory CD (Choir Version)


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Victory (Choir Version)
Available exclusively via Cian's store. 
Limited edition jewel case CD featuring album tracks reimaged with Cian's world famous choir. 

1. I'll Be Waiting
2. Him
3. Heaven
4. How Do You Know
5. All For You
6. (Step) Dad
7. Mama
8. Hurt When You Hurt Me
9. Blame It On You
10. Endless Nights
11. Part Of Me
12. Everyone Who Falls In Love Has Someone Else They’re Thinking Of
13. Thank God You Stayed
1. Victory (Choir Version)
2. All For You (Choir Version)
3. I’ll Be Waiting (Choir Version)
4. Everyone Who Falls In Love (Has Someone Else They’re Thinking Of) (Choir Version)
5. Thank God You Stayed (Choir Version)

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